Roll by Goodyear

An entirely new way to buy tires


Show millennials how getting new tires can be simple, easy, and integrated into their lifestyle. Goodyear wanted to pilot a new business model using valet drivers, and with this North Star project our agency won the pitch to bring this new service model to life—including the name, look and feel, website, retail design of the store locations, customer journeys, and service design. 

The work below is mostly the product of that North Star pitch—2.5 weeks of work with a team of 8–10 designers, lots of post-its, and just as many puns. I focused mainly on mapping the high-level customer journey for the user, store associate, and drivers. After the pitch was over, I chipped in from time to time to help with sorting logic and refining UI.


Experience Design
Service Design


Core UX
Customer Journey



Seamless customer experience


The tire finder on our website is the same system used on in-store touch screens by customers as well as by sales associates, so you can find the right tires anywhere.


Roll up to a store, and let Roll by Goodyear take care of the rest. Your car will be driven to a nearby bay to have new tires installed while you shop, see a movie, you name it.


The inside of each Roll by Goodyear store is bright and airy, with an interactive tire wall that lets you spin, examine the tread, and scan a QR code to see more on each tire.

Mapping the customer journeys

The major advantage of this service model is flexibility. That means our customer journeys needed to accommodate both digital and physical starting points, combined with 3 different types of installation service. To do this most efficiently, we designed one digital experience for both the website and in-store tablets. It even included the product detail page that you could find by scanning the tires on the wall.

I was responsible for mapping out journeys for a user who starts online, a user who walks in-store, the sales associate's role, and how the driver fits in when the car is being taken to the bay and back—all in a way that would allow for seamless handoffs between the many physical and digital touchpoints.


“Roll is a great example of a legacy brand transforming the customer experience.”


Approachable tire recommendations

Our target audience for this service did not need to get in the weeds on tire specs. Millennial women wanted to feel confident in their choice, but otherwise get on with their life. So we made sure our Tire Finder results only showed the 1–3 best options to avoid overwhelming the user, and relied on Goodyear's expertise to make a guiding recommendation. 

We also made sure to include an educational and psychographic component, whether the customer was with a sales associate or browsing at home. We then cross-referenced Goodyear's inventory to find tire attributes that would actually be meaningful to highlight for a customer: Best for Your Area, Best Value, and Highly Rated.


Tracking your car

After handing over the keys to your car, you're going to want to know where it is. The ability to track one's car was vital to maintaining trust and transparency. For the user, this meant step-by-step updates, the ability to watch their car on a map, a bit of context on the driver or whoever had their car for each step, and being alerted as to when the car would return to the store. 



Roll by Goodyear was set to have a 6-month test launch in the fall of 2018 at a few locations in the DC area; it went on to have a successful test launch and now services over 16 locations across DC and Philadelphia.


2020 Effie Award Winner:
Gold for Brand Experience and Bronze for Category/Aisle Evolution